FAQ's - Financial Planning


Why do I need a financial planner?

Things were quite simple about 50 years back. There were Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Small Savings schemes & Public Provident Funds. Medical insurance was not that common. Equity markets were not trusted by most. Mutual Funds were not there. Also, the interest that one could get was in double digits. With low risk, one was able to get high returns.

Things have changed considerably since then. The salaries which people earn today have shot up. To take care of our goals, one would need to save a lot more.

The financial markets have matured and are offering a rich variety of choices. Managing money has hence become a lot more complicated now, than ever before.

Considering all of this, financial planner is a requirement now a days.


Is financial planning only for rich?

Financial Planning is meant for all those who want to systematically achieve their life goals, through proper financial management. There is no specific age or station in life to pursue this. It is certainly not meant for the rich alone.

Financial Planning is a necessity for all. It is for anyone who is interested in managing their finances.


Do I have to be based in Mumbai to avail your services?

With telecommunication tools available today & technology, one can have audio / video conversations with an advisor in any location. We have been using Skype and other remote access software tools for years now and have been servicing clients from across the country & even abroad.


My CA already takes care of my financials, why do I need a financial planner?

A CA is an accountant who helps you in the compliance of government regulations and tax. He does not advise on financial planning. We, as financial planners will be helping you for drawing and implementing a plan, taking into account your investments, risk, tax, retirement and other aspect.


How Do I Trust A Financial Advisor With Confidential Information?

Only when you make a complete disclosure would a planner be able to come up with appropriate solutions. Half information given would ensure that the plan is inaccurate. Confidentiality of data is assured with us. Hence, in your best interests, you should disclose full & correct information.


Do Financial Planners File Tax Returns?

Financial Planners do not file tax returns. They are actually the domain of Chartered Accountants and Tax Return consultants.