Investment Advisory For Institutional Investors

What does the service include?

Equity portfolio recommendation for institutional investors with investable funds and an investment mandate. We will recommend a customized equity portfolio to suit the investment mandate of the fund. The investment mandate can be anything including market cap segmentation (small cap/ mid cap/ large cap), sector specification (sector-focus/sector exclusions), risk-return profile (conservative/ balanced/ aggressive) or a combination of either.

This is an end-to-end service from initial portfolio construction to timely reviews and portfolio rebalancing. Reviews will be communicated at least every quarter and additionally in case of specific events.

Our responsibilities:

  • Recommendation of an appropriate portfolio of about 15 stocks based on the investment mandate.
  • Timely result and event updates of the recommended stocks.
  • Portfolio rebalancing when required. 
  • Keeping track of performance of the recommended portfolio.

Client's responsibilities: 

  • Acting on our recommendations in a timely manner


  • Annual upfront fee as a % of Assets Under Advisement.

Terms and conditions:

  • We will not be executing transactions on behalf of client. The responsibility of acting on recommendations lies with the client.
  • Our return calculations will be based on the Model portfolio. Client is expected to take timely action on recommendations.
  • No refund of the upfront fees.